Thursday, September 12, 2013

House, 37 weeks

So this past Saturday we found out that we could move into the house we were hoping to rent. We had been waiting for over a month to hear the news and our move out day at the apartment was this past Monday, so we were thinking we would end up moving into my parents for a while. Then we found out that we could move into the house the very next day!! Lol. So Patrick rented a uhaul Saturday night and we started packing a few things and loading up the truck. With a friends help they got the washer and dryer loaded. Next morning, bright and early, Patrick went to the house to help the guy finish loading up his things into his truck so he could take off to Lubbock. He came back and with the help of our friend and my brothers we got most things moved to the new house. We also got most of the living room set up and moved all of the boxes elsewhere so we would have at least one room to relax.

We still had things left to move though, so Patrick and I missed work this Monday to catch up on some sleep and finish moving. We picked up my brothers to help us move the last heavy things. I didn't do any heavy lifting since I'm super preggo but I sure made a lot of trips up and down those stairs at the apartment and we finally made it to the house sometime around 2am. Done with that apartment!!!!

The reason I am up so late writing this when I need to wake up in 5 hours is because I'm having a serious allergic reaction to some cat hair left over in this house and I'm trying to keep my mind off of it. So let's move on.

Yesterday was Tuesday and we didn't do much of anything. We both worked and just picked up a few things here and there. But right now our goal is to work on one room of the house at a time. I told Patrick to rest when he got home from so when I got home around 9:30 we could clean. I decided the room we should work on today would be the kitchen in case we have people over. Since the guy we rented the house from left a lot of his belongings, it was sort of an unpacking/packing/trashing session. We got like 4 of our kitchen boxes emptied out though yay!!! And it is looking a lot better... I could tell Patrick was about to pass out so I asked him to vacuum this one room really quickly because there was still cat hair in there. I did not realize how bad it was so I went in first to pick up some things from the floor. The dust and everything was bad. I got out of there and soon started sneezing like crazy so I took a Zyrtec. We went to bed after Patrick finished vacuuming and it has been like an hour now. Finally I feel like I can breath a little better. This is the worst reaction I've had so far because I started coughing with a little wheeze and my throat felt itchy and a little tight. Probably need to keep some Benadryl around because that was scary... So that's why I'm writing this novel, to keep me distracted so I didn't get anxiety to make it all worse. And it helped! I think I can sleep now.

Except I just realized we have our ultrasound tomorrow so now I'm too excited!! I hope to see the baby having the hiccups since it happens so often! But I do need to try and sleep because after work I need to keep working on the kitchen.. and after we get home from the ultrasound, we will probably move on to fixing up the nursery. :)

Friday, September 6, 2013

36 Weeks

It is really incredible feeling this little person moving arms and legs in my belly. I have grown so used to it that I don't know how it will feel to have my body back. And despite the discomforts I'm going to mids having our first baby moving his or her little butt around in there.

For the past two months or so I believe the baby has been head down, butt up by my left side, and feet over on my right. I always feel hiccups on my left side, and kicks on my right. Every now and then it feels like the baby gets stuck in my ribs because there is so much pressure there! And I've had a couple of strong kicks that actually made me feel sore.

I didn't realize just how long I've been having Braxton hicks. But it has actually been several months. But with time I came to learn that's what they were all along. My stomach tightens up, and it looks kinda warped. The closer to my due date, the more uncomfortable they get. And now they take my breath away, and sometimes it feels like I am getting hot flashes with em!! If I over do it, like walking to the Rangers game in this heat, they are so much worse. The worst so far lasted a couple of hours, getting like 10 in a single hour. So of course I started timing them, and although they were pretty regular they started to space out instead of getting closer.

And lately, I feel so much pressure so it hurts to lift to my legs, AT ALL.  Whether I'm trying to get up, put on pants, or just turn in bed, I feel sore.

This all sounds kind of horrible, but it is not that bad!!! I just felt I should write it all down before our baby arrives and we get so excited that I forget all of the details of our pregnancy. We both love this baby so much already and cannot wait to meet him or her... But I think that one of the coolest things about being pregnant is being able to protect your little one at all times. I think am going to miss that feeling the most of all. And feeling someone wake up throughout the day and kicking you randomly to remind you they are there is pretty cool too!