Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Two years later..

I think I'll be treating this blog as a diary of our lives.  It was interesting to come back to this after two years, and see what I was up to then.  So if I can keep up this blog, in a few years we can look back and remember everything we've accomplished.

In my last post I mentioned that I was making a painting for my boyfriend, so I'll start there.  After 4 and a half years of dating, Patrick proposed on 6/11/11. I remember that week was one of the best birthday weeks.  Although I don't remember all of the details, I do know that it was one of the most relaxed and happy birthdays I've had in a long time.  

We wanted to get married quickly since we had already been dating for so long, and we also really wanted to move in together. We didn't want a big event so we didn't need much time to plan, but we were both working full time and I was taking 2 classes at UTA. So we planned the wedding for October 29, 2011. The number 29 seems to be a lucky number in my family, and me and Patrick always celebrated our anniversaries on 12/29. October 29th fell on a Saturday - perfect! Our church was able to work us in at 10:00 a.m. that day. And we tied the knot! We didn't want too many guests; we really wanted an intimate wedding.  Understandably many family members wanted to come, so as a compromise we invited all friends and family to the wedding ceremony at the church.  We had cute little cupcakes in cupcake domes to give away to everybody that went to the church. However, to save my parents some money, we wanted our reception to stay at 50 people so we rented a small room at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. Immediately after the wedding ceremony we all drove over the the gardens to take pictures and then had a light but delicious lunch.  We said our thank yous to everyone and quickly had to leave because we had a flight to catch at 5:00 p.m. Even though we were both working and I was in school we really wanted to go on a short honeymoon because we were afraid if we didn't go immediately, we'd never make it.  So my parents drove us home to change and grab our bags, and we made it to the airport early enough to even grab a drink at the bar, and off we went to Puerto Rico.  

We made it around midnight and took a taxi to our hotel, the Intercontinental, which was very close to the airport and on the beach.  Since it was Halloween weekend we people-watched from our room and had a few laughs. We got changed and walked around the casino and then took a walk down to the shore.  And we finally made it to bed sometime that morning! 

We were only there until Tuesday night (VERY short trip) but in that time we were able to relax! We would walk to Walgreen's and buy us some snacks and drinks to take back to the hotel.  We bought dominoes and played by the beach on a rainy night.  We took a taxi to El Morro, and if that wasn't enough, our taxi driver was pretty cool and made a stop a local park by the beach so we could take a few pictures. After the fort we walked around Old San Juan. All in all, it was just a great experience we will never forget.

After the wedding, a lot of things have changed in our lives.  UTA is so expensive, and for the most part the classes I needed for architecture were 5hr studios and extremely time consuming.  So to take one class at a time in order to be able to still work, I didn't qualify for financial aid and had to pay out of pocket.  This would take me forever to graduate.  So finally, I made the switch to art major. Although I'm not that thrilled about it, I have been going to school for so long that I just felt I had no choice but to switch and be able to get my bachelor's faster. Art is something I love, and my experience in architecture does apply and so did some of my credits. Initially I thought I would have my concentration in graphic design/visual communication.  However, I took a clay class this Spring and I kind of fell in love.  If I'm going to spend so much money at school, I might as well be really excited about what I'm doing.  But I haven't made the official switch over to clay because...

I'm pregnant! I'm 28 weeks today and so excited because this baby keeps kicking and kicking and I'm pretty sure will have our hands full with a super active baby once he or she is born.  We decided not to find out the sex, because for some reason I never really wanted to know.  It doesn't really matter if we have a boy or girl, as long as they are healthy.  And honestly, it's turned out to be fun having people guess whether I'm carrying a boy or girl - most are guessing boy as of now.  But since Patrick's sister is also pregnant (6 weeks ahead of me, yay!!!) with a girl, most of his family is just wanting a boy and maybe that's why they're thinking boy.  Patrick wanted to find out but is respecting my wishes, even though I said if he really, really wanted to find out we could.  He wants a boy, and I always thought I'd have a girl first.  So maybe the anticipation of finding out whether we'll be buying a lot of pink or blue will make labor a tad bit more fun.  

A lot of people aren't very excited about not knowing because they want to buy us so many cute things.  But I'm hoping this works out great because when it comes time to have our baby shower, if people can't find cute gender neutral clothes, we'll get things we actually need!  *Fingers crossed.* I'll keep you posted on that.

Hmm.. that was a lot to write! Here's a quick summary:
  • Tied the knot
  • Living with Bella our dog and Ralphy the turtle.
  • New car - bye bye '91 Accord, hello '07 Civic - woot woot!
  • Changed from architecture to art major
  • I left a great job with a horrible boss and working a slow job but with an awesome boss!
  • Expecting first baby - healthy and strong btw <3
  • Thrilled to meet our first niece, Avery, next month :)
  • Patrick is about to switch jobs and we are very excited!
  • Booth at an antique mall for a few months - lots of fun
  • Lots and lots of Texas Rangers games attended, even in 100+ degree weather
  • Trip to New Orleans to watch the Saints vs 49ers game - 49er win
  • Lots of Call and Duty/Madden/FIFA played by Patrick
  • Several trips to Winstar and Shreveport to get away!
  • Almost weekly Whataburger trips.. mmm (:

So much has happened.. I'd say at least those are some highlights in case we forget someday.

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