Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pregnancy ramblings

The past week has been long and crazy. My grandfather who has been sick for quite some time passed away last Thursday.  He's no longer in pain, but we will miss him greatly. It's difficult to handle it all being so far away from the family, but we are together in prayer.

Over the last few days, Patrick and I have been trying to figure out our living situation.  There is a house that we can rent to own but of course it comes up after we already have a lease on a new apartment that we are supposed to move into in a few weeks.  But if it works out, I'd much rather have the house.  We'll need the room for guests.  It only needs cosmetic work, but overall it's great.  It has everything we need, plus the extras that aren't a must but that we always wanted like a small porch, side garage, and a corner lot.  So it's a lot to figure out within a short period of time, and along with family things and work, I really need to watch my stress level for the baby.

So this is a random post.  But I also wanted to talk about some pregnancy symptoms that drive me nuts: Shortness of breath, and acid reflux.  The worst! Feeling short of breath is I guess mental, because I'm still getting the oxygen I need, but it feels like I can't catch my breath. And it makes you feel desperate to breath.  At first I thought maybe I was getting short on breath because I was eating too quickly.  Or walking a bit too much out in this Texas heat without enough water.  But really, it starts up out of nowhere these days. Thanks progesterone!  Acid reflux is another pain. There are certain foods I need to avoid now, or keep to a minimum, or pop a Tum's prior to eating it if I REALLY have to have it.  Pretty much everything I love to eat can give me reflux haha. For example, I am most upset about having to cut back on these: fried foods (like Whataburger), chips (Lay's Chile Limon), ice cream, and orange juice (which I used to drink every morning during the first few months of pregnancy without a problem). I know, most of those are bad for me and I should avoid them all the time anyway.

And about being pregnant in Texas during the summer months: the heat makes you cramp up (makes my belly so tight and uncomfortable.. maybe the baby is trying to hide from the brightness?). It helps to drink tons of water when I'm outside.  Usually on the drive to work I'll down my cup of water, and I'll always take an apple with me in case I need to eat it on the way because even with the a.c. the sun is just too much. I've only been in my bathing suit for Memorial Day and Fourth of July this summer, so I haven't had to worry too much about getting burnt.  Last time we went to a Ranger's game was fine.  We totally prepared and brought tons of water and fruit.  But the time before that was horrible.  I was short on breath the whole time.  We brought one water and even though we were mostly in the shade I was miserable and didn't think I'd make it past the 3rd, but I toughed it out and stayed til the end.  We should go to another game soon before things start getting hectic.

Clothes are interesting.  I don't look as pregnant in the clothes that I can still fit in from before.  I look really pregnant in pregnancy tops.  Other than maternity bottoms, I can't zip my jeans at all so I use rubber bands to keep them closed. And the scrubs I wear to work have become too tight an uncomfortable, so I wear the scrub top about twice a week and our work t-shirt the rest of the time.

I'm 30 weeks tomorrow!  And the baby kicks and kicks... sometimes it feels like it's got all limbs stretched out at once and it's just poking me everywhere. At times I think the baby is trying to flip in there instead of slowly getting into another comfortable position. Other times I get jabbed/kicked for minutes at at time, and when it's in the same spot sometimes it starts to tickle. Those little bones must be getting strong because when the baby kicks for like 30 minutes the area gets a little sore.  It's nothing you can't bare, and it's totally awesome feeling the baby being so active.  But I wonder how it's going to be over the next 2 months.. OMG I'm almost 8 months.

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