Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Let's try this again

So I only created two posts, two years ago. And I decided, with a little encouragement from my co-worker, to start my blog.  Right now, I'm laying in bed next to my sleeping husband, feeling my 27 week young baby move around for pretty much the last 2 hours. Although pushing on my bladder means I need to work my way out of bed yet again for a potty trip, feeling my little monster is pretty incredible. And trying to figure out whether I'm getting punched, kicked or headbutted is so fun!! Amazing how my mood can change to happy/happier with each little jab or kick.

Maybe baby is dancing around to the sound of Patrick's snoring! I'm going to grab some food and maybe he or she will settle down for a nap. :) <3

For now I'll post a picture of the final product of the painting I posted before. And soon I'll try to summarize how my life has changed over the past few years...

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